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Some things that nature does better than people

Nature is much, much better than people are at so many things. And I'm not talking about growing food this time. I'm talking about the more arcane aspects of life - of Self. As I was growing up, my evolving young mind was often treated to conflict as it was exposed to things which did not make sense. The place I most frequently turned to for relief was the natural world. And … [Read More...]

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non gmo produce photo

How the little guy is winning the anti-GMO battle

The media would have you believe that corporations like the ones that own Chipotle restaurant chain or Whole Foods Market are heroes for going partially anti-GMO and requiring labeling soon, respectively. But, this parade the mainstream media is throwing is … [Read More...]


Fixing school food!

With each new report of gun violence in schools, administrators and other concerned parties increase security to keep kids safe. Yet, reports on the dangers of GMOs, poor nutrition and pesticides, which make up many school lunches across the country, are often … [Read More...]

NH ME bridge

The day I walked to Maine

So, a couple of weeks ago I was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and thought, okay, I can blog about the fresh-off-the-boat lobster or clams I ate. But, as it turned out, I was most excited about walking across this here little bridge connecting Portsmouth to the … [Read More...]