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Don’t be a lazy “advocate”

Do you know who has the time to stand up for their cause and put an effort into pushing their agenda? They might just be the people who are creating the type of world you don't like. So, what are you going to do about it? Yeah, right, of course, after you take care of everything else on your list. And after you bemoan what other people are and are not doing. I've been … [Read More...]

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cheering sky

Free range people

I was feeling kind of down before when I looked out the window, as I often do, and this time saw a sparkling sky winking its cheer at me. I thought to myself, yes, I … [Read More...]

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Up with the birds

The other morning at 4:45am, I was listening to birds singing outside my window and wondering what they were saying. It felt like they were welcoming the day and I … [Read More...]

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Some things that nature does better than people

Nature is much, much better than people are at so many things. And I'm not talking about growing food this time. I'm talking about the more arcane aspects of life - of Self. As I was growing up, my evolving young mind was often treated to conflict as it was … [Read More...]


Would you sell out for $775 million?

Across the global community of the Internet you can hear a resounding foodie hiss. News is getting out that Applegate Farms has given in to Hormel Foods for over three quarters of a billion dollars! Yes, just $225 million more and it could have been an even … [Read More...]


Expecting fruit to have flavor

The other day I went to a store and told the manager that their organic cantaloupes have no flavor. I told him that I had bought two and with the first one figured maybe it was a fluke but after two felt I needed to say something. He thanked me. Said there … [Read More...]