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Hero Moms!

Tricia Donovan (left) and Jessica Curran never meant to end up at the Connecticut state capitol, but in March 2015, they testified before the education committee on a bill they wrote. The bill - HB 6975 - would create a task force to study food allergies in Connecticut schools. "Jessica and I wrote a bill for our [state] reps, who agreed to sponsor it - Cristin McCarthy … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

two souls

Let life change you

There are moments when I can't help but notice that another human being has touched me in a meaningful way. So much so that a new part of who I am has been triggered … [Read More...]

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Don’t be a lazy “advocate”

Do you know who has the time to stand up for their cause and put an effort into pushing their agenda? They might just be the people who are creating the type of world you don't like. So, what are you going to do about it? Yeah, right, of course, after … [Read More...]

cheering sky

Free range people

I was feeling kind of down before when I looked out the window, as I often do, and this time saw a sparkling sky winking its cheer at me. I thought to myself, yes, I will brighten up now. (And take a photo - see above.) How can we pass by windows without … [Read More...]


Up with the birds

The other morning at 4:45am, I was listening to birds singing outside my window and wondering what they were saying. It felt like they were welcoming the day and I found it comforting. I got lost in what felt like music from their hearts. Or were they … [Read More...]